Jacob’s Ladder Outline

While this site is in its beta phase, I still want to make the brief outline of the Jacob’s Ladder system of meditation available. This current outline does include an opening page that explains a little bit of The Way of Jubilee, but this might not be very legible. The remaining outline gives a brief discussion on the chakras, their relationship to the heavens, as well as some notes on the virtues and vices.

These notes are certainly not a complete unfolding of the system, but should be helpful enough if you wish to begin working with using the chakras to meditate in and through the seven heavens. The file I am attaching is a pdf file of my actual notebook, so you may need to rotate the file in your pdf viewer in order to read it. My handwriting is generally pretty legible. Feel free to make use of this material in any way you find personally helpful. All I would ask, is if you do repurpose the material for your own usage in a public way that you would cite Monastery of the Ordinary as a source.